DevOps Presentation @Turkcell

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I was invited by "Açık Kaynak Yazılım Paylaşım Gurubu" (Open Source Software Sharing Group), to perform a DevOps Presentation, which is a community inside Turkcell Technology

It was exciting to make a presentation to the company which i worked between 2003-2007.

The attendees were high-tech profile and there was a group which almost concluded the workshop targets only within two iterations.

Here are some images:





DevOps Workshop

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I was invited last thursday to Koc Incubation Center by to perform a DevOps workshop.

The crowd was big enough to form 6 different teams, each about 6-10 people.

During the workshop, there was so many suggestions to the Development Pipeline including:







DevOps Seminar @IstanbulCoders

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My DevOps workshop and real-world example from AWS Elasticbeanstalk during the IstanbulCoders weekly meetup.

We have run 4 iterations during which i provided new requirements as product owner, guiding the teams to develop a Deployment Pipeline.

By the end, most teams achieved to the goals:

– Automated provisioning

– Performance testing

– Automated Acceptance Tests

including the specific technologies they selected.

Just the requirement "Automated Security Testing" remained open…

The presentation link is here


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