Being fascinated by computers and electronics since getting my first 386SX at age 13 and spent several years investigating the development world with GW-BASIC until my university, during which i continue developing as a freelance developer and advanced to the final during IBM Scholar Challenge 2002 with the  software i developed, based on Embedded Linux.

During my studies, i investigated the OpenSource movement and contributed to the community in various ways. This includes lectures, presentations at local university Linux community and contributing the nation-wide Linux organisations with presentations.

I am holding a BA Computer Engineering from Galatasaray University, M.Sc. System and Control Engineering from Bogazici University and MBA from Heriot-Watt University.

My professional career began in 2003, during while i worked as a developer, system admin, trainer, consultant and CTO. 

I am currently working as Cloud and DevOps Consultant and dedicated my last 3 years to that. I migrated 10+ companies to AWS and involved into Containerisation and DevOps Automation projects. I am also  mentoring hands-on-labs regarding AWS and DevOps.

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