Voxxed Days Istanbul 2015

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Thanks to kodcu.com for the great VoxxedIstanbul event, in which i was also an organizator.

It was also awesome to meet with top-level technology developers worldwide and share the experience.

Although i was not able to attend to all of the sessions, because of my responsibilities there, from the ones which i attended, i have some notes for myself:

– ElasticSearch has been becoming a choice for the new projects against Solr

– Using Logstash to feed the data to ElasticSearch.

– MicroServices approaches is being utilized more than i have expected, still some questions about how to implement and migrate to it. Thanks to Arun Gupta for the possible pattern proposals to overcome this.

– It was interesting to hear about the hash and clustering mechanism of Cassandra from Christopher Batey.

Some photos from the organization:

VoxxedIstanbul Team

VoxxedIstanbul TeamDisadvantages of Monolith Architecture IMAG0738 IMAG0742 IMAG0747 IMAG0749



Eclipse Maven plugin installation

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After installing my Linux OS again, seems the previous link under www.sonatype.org/m2eclipse is broken, so here is the brand new installation steps for Maven Eclipse:

1. Install SLF4J Logging :

Eclipse –> Help –> Install New Software

Work with: http://www.fuin.org/p2-repository/

Click “Add”

Select Slf4j-api under Maven osgi-bundles

Click “Next”

2.  Install Guava:

Eclipse –> Help –> Install New Software


3.  Install Maven 1.4 (Not the latest version)

Maven 1.5 seems have problem with Eclipse 3.8

Eclipse –> Help –> Install New Software


Uncheck “Show only the latest versions of available software”

Choose version 1.4

4 . Import the existing Maven project:

File –> Import –> …

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