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One of my favorite thing2do when i visit London is to participate the SkillsMatter meetups.

This time i was lucky to join to the Kubernetes meetup!

Thanks for the Google to sponsor the pizza and beers before the meetup!

There was two seperate presentations:

Martin Devlin – Consul&Vault Integration with Kubernetes

Justin Santa Barbara – Kubernetes: Prologue,Present&Predictions

The second one, which is presented by Justin Santa Barbara, was interesting, also by the help of the cool presentation skills and positive energy of Justin!

Justin is one of the top committers on k8s project. 

Although there are various topics mentinoned, now i will be focusing some of the upcoming functions of the new releases:

1. Ingress: This can be referred as ingress traffic controller, waiting for L4&L7, so seems totally no need for AWS ELB in the future? 

2. DaemonSets: We can define certain pods to run on all nodes or on some nodes. Use-case of this can be 

  • having NewRelic run on each node (Which is the case for me currently)
  • having a log collection daemon on each node like SumoLogic
  • having a storage daemon like glusterd on each node

3. PetSets: This can be referred as stateful-application support. Self-healing databases can be a use-case, still trying to digout! 

The new release 1.3 is expected to be live by the end of June, lets see:)

Here are some pictures from the meetup:

kubernetes skillsmatter kubernetes skillsmatter