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During the installation of Docker Engine and UCP(Universal Control Plane), there is a risk that the networks it chooses by default like,,, may overlap with your existing LANs in your organization. Although there are some related posts:




IMHO they do not provide a practical solution for that particular case…

Beside, there are the following open issues under github:



Here is a workaround we have founded and applied and working:

  • Before the installtion of Docker Engine/UCP, create a virtual interface or extend the netmask of the current interface covering all corporate networks:
ifconfig eth0:0 <yourinternalcorporateIPAddress> netmask <netmask> up
  • After you finalize the Docker Engine, swarm or UCP, you will notice that it uses A Class(10.x.x.x/x) or C Class(192.168.x.x/x) rather than 172.x.x.x !!!! Docker installation is smart that it jumps to other network classes.
  • Revert back your network interface you the initial state ad that's all!!